SPICE is an appreciation token that integrates and ranks social network content. It is one of the most active SimpleLedger tokens on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.

A Spice Token has real value. You can buy Spice Tokens in exchange for U.S. Dollars, Euros, Pounds, and more or you can try to earn them from other Spice Token users for your online content.

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Everything you need to know about Spice Token

Spice Token is currently integrated on Telegram (visit SpiceToken Telegram group) and Reddit

1,000,000,000 units (one billion units)

Official SLP Token ID:

Official CashToken ID:

Spice is life. CoinSpice group existing definitely played a part in the name of the token. It’s a fixed mintage at 1 billion, which are spread throughout the interwebs to grease wheels just enough to get people interested. 140MM SPICE are kept in reserve for future use and development.


SPICE will be a new, innovative form of digital token expression within the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem, based on the capabilities of the SimpleLedger Protocol (SLP) and emerging CashTokens functionality. So, these tokens are designed not only in the form of digital assets but at the very core to provide value exchange within the community with tokens of appreciation for this unique layer of interaction.

Simpleledger Protocol (SLP): The simpleledger Protocol is the most famous system operating on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain, allowing for prompt and easy issuance, transfer, and preservation of tokens in a manner that is simple and uncomplicated. SLP tokens can represent anything from traditional assets to more innovative forms of digital value, like SPICE tokens.

Protocol for CashTokens. A newer innovation in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem designed to make tokens more useful, the Cashtokens protocol will enable more complex smart contract functionality, along with dynamic types of transactions. This may propel the utility of the token into interactivity, the same way ERC-20 tokens did, by allowing many different platforms to use them for participating in ICOs.

SPICE Tokens: SPICE is an appreciation token used to show appreciation or to thank another user within the community. This gives a very strong social quality to the token concept; it’s not just about exchanging them or holding on to increase one’s speculative financial gains but also has a role to play in once again developing social relationships and community involvement.

Use and Community: The most common uses for SPICE tokens are in community interactions, where it is sent to one member as a way of thanking or paying respect for their content sharing. This, in general, will add to a better sense of community and more activities from the members. These tokens could be applied to any space from social media to forums and to community-driven platforms or any space users interact where appreciation could be both digital and tangible.

Technical Aspects: On the technical front, SPICE tokens use the potentiality that the Bitcoin Cash blockchain provides for efficiency and scalability. This is such that the tokens by SPICE would allow the features of an advanced nature and security accruing to the Simpleledger and Cashtokens protocols. These include the transaction times being faster, lower fees, and advanced capabilities of transactions compared to traditional blockchain tokens.

Future Potential: The idea of appreciation tokens, like SPICE, brings new opportunities for digital interactions and community building. The growth of this ecosystem may also bring about new use cases. For instance, the SPICE tokens could be integrated into areas that include online content creation, forums, and social media platforms, where people can appreciate content or contributions instantly on the go.

The Spice Must Flow